We help companies understand the impacts of trauma on their organization and how to use Emotional Intelligence to transform trauma in the workplace.


Educate companies on the impacts of trauma on the workplace, what it means to the bottom line, and how to reduce costs.


Empower by offering real solutions that establish a more productive work space. Encourages victims to reach out.


Engage all leadership, management, security, and staff to create a proactive approach.


Advisers bring a wealth of experience and expertise. Expertise in Productivity Improvement, Risk Management, Workshop Facilitation, Program Development, Program Implementation, Trauma-Informed Case Management and much more.

Message from the CEO

"My name is Brandie de la Rosa and my whole life all I have ever wanted to do is help people whenever I can, almost to a fault. For me, I get the biggest satisfaction in knowing my actions may inspire the next person. My goal is to not just help with the physical reach of my arms, but to help by the extension of that. If I help one person and they are moved to help another and so on then just think how far the goodness can travel."

Our Expertise

Advisers bring a wealth of experience and expertise.

  • Productivity improvement90
  • Risk Management80
  • Trauma-Informed Case Management 85
By obtaining the Corporate Risk Mitigation Certification your company will be a gold standard organization.
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