Educate, Empower, Engage

Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault Impacts everyone either directly or indirectly.  We help companies understand the impacts on their organization.

Building Cultures That Care

About Us

Our team


Advisers bring a wealth of experience and expertise. Expertise in Productivity Improvement,  Risk Management, Workshop Facilitation, Program Development, Program Implementation, Trauma-Informed Case Management and much more.

Message from the CEO


 "My name is Brandie de la Rosa and my whole life all I have ever wanted to do is help people whenever I can, almost to a fault.  For me, I get the biggest satisfaction in knowing my actions may inspire the next person.  My goal is to not just help with the physical reach of my arms, but to help by the extension of that.  If I help one person and they are moved to help another and so on then just think how far the goodness can travel".   It is with that thought that I started e3inspire.   I want to use this company as a way to redirect all the negative energy created by trauma such as; domestic violence & sexual assault and turn it into positive results. "When a person experiences trauma it leaves a permanent scar on the soul". "Just like any scar it takes time to fade". "Will the damage ever diminish completely? The answer is no".  However, there are steps that can be taken to help the process. 
"Even though support groups are essential to healing they often focus on reliving the memory of the trauma".  "This is like continually picking at a scab/scar and sitting waiting for the scar to look better".  "Victims did not start off as victims they were once strong, independent, energetic, & vibrant".  It is from this that the conception of this company began.  "E3inspire was brought about by my ambition to focus on helping victims create a new story, one of success for those who have experience with trauma". 

Our mission


 Educate, Empower, Engage.

1) Educate companies on the impacts of trauma on the workplace.  What it means to the bottom line, and how to cut costs.

2) Empower by offering real solutions that establish a more productive work space. Encourages victims to reach out.

3) Engage all leadership, management, security, and staff to create a proactive approach.