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Sí Se Puede 2019: Wisconsin’s Most Powerful Latinos
We have published lists of the most influential Black and Latino leaders in Wisconsin. We wanted kids here in Wisconsin to see role models of people who are succeeding, to know that it’s possible for people of color to achieve great things here, and to highlight people of color doing great work in a variety of fields and pursuits.

We introduce you to some people you’ve never heard of who are doing great things in other parts of the state or simply working behind the scenes, doing the work without the accolades. Here are some of the real leaders in communities throughout Wisconsin. It’s critical to recognize and highlight our neighbors whose stories begin elsewhere, or who trace their roots to other parts of the world. Only then will we truly appreciate the contributions we all make to the prosperity of our communities, our state and our nation.

Brandie de la Rosa, CEO of E3inspire, is an advocate for survivors of domestic abuse. Based in Madison, she blends her 20-year career in IT, understanding of business analytics and business consulting to reshape how companies approach abuse. Through education, she and her team help organizations understand the impacts of trauma on the workplace while offering real solutions that establish a more productive work space.

Before becoming a business owner, she served as a Senior Technical Business Analyst for Pitney Bowes for about two years and a Senior Technical Analyst for Ricoh USA, Inc. for almost four years and has been managing E3inspire for almost six years. She said E3inspire was brought about by her ambition to focus on helping victims create a new story, one of success for those who have experience with trauma.

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More and more businesses and companies are beginning to recognize that what happens in the home can have a profound impact on what happens in the workplace.

Brandie de la Rosa has been a techy person for her whole career, with an extensive background in computer science, but she’s also always been very concerned about domestic violence and its effects on women, children, families, and communities. A year and a half ago, she brought those things together as she founded e3 Inspire to help train employers and employees to notice the signs of domestic violence, to provide a supportive environment for victims and survivors of domestic violence. E3 inspire also provides resources to those in danger while creating procedures to prevent and protect companies from dangerous situations.

“I did some investigating and I was finding that there wasn’t really anything like it … anywhere,” De la Rosa tells Madison365. “I did a lot of research and talked to people on how their companies handled this type of stuff. I did my due diligence to see if there was market need.”