Work Place Violence

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Why it's Important

Let E3inspire help your company cut costs & increase staff retention while putting your employees' safety first.
Workplaces of all types are in need of cost-effective domestic violence prevention & intervention programs.
E3inspire collaborates with companies by providing proactive training, employee awareness campaigns and implementing pertinent policies & procedures. Combined with our developed 1st national domestic violence mobile app dedicated to helping your staff E3inspire is a full solution. Receive our nationally "Gold Standard" accreditation by implementing our services today.
E3inspire aims to create more productive workplaces that are safe and supportive for victims & are intolerant of domestic violence.

What it Means to Business

Companies can suffer massive losses as a result of domestic violence. It’s estimated that more than 1.75 million workdays are lost each year to domestic violence and that victims lose nearly 8 million days of paid work a year—more than 32,000 full-time jobs combined. That loss of productivity comes with a huge price tag. Missed workdays and decreased productivity, along with increased health and safety costs, results in a loss of $8.3 billion annually to companies nationwide. Under state law, employers have certain responsibilities that they need to uphold for employees who may be the victims of domestic violence. Some of these provisions include: * Job protection for participation in criminal proceedings * Employer-initiated injunctions and restraining orders * Right to leave work to obtain an order of protection * Obligation to protect confidentiality work.

Effects On Victims' Job

Domestic violence not only puts a person’s overall health and well-being at risk, but it can also jeopardize their job as well.

In fact, 25-50 percent of victims of abuse from a partner have lost their job due to domestic violence.

This is because 35-56 percent of victims of domestic violence are harassed at work by their spouses or significant others.

Employer Response to Domestic Violence

Across the country and around the world, employers—large and small, state and local, government and private sector—have begun to develop effective policies and protocols to address domestic violence in the workplace.

You can make a difference in your workplace and in the lives of employees who are facing abuse! Employers need to consider doing more as part of an effective employee-relations program to protect their vulnerable workers.

Acceptance is contingent on a willingness to work toward adopting policies and procedures that further the mission of eradicating all forms of violence from the workplace. E3inspire works with individual companies as well as partner with Employee Assistance Programs (EAP).

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Moving Victims from Crisis to Confidence

E3inspire will come onsite to work with your team to implement best practices that sends a message to your staff; we will support our employees to access resources to free themselves from violent situations.
Some of what you can expect from adding e3inspire to your benefits package: Assistance in implementing
* A workplace free of threats, fear and violence
* A team that responds and reacts to threats and potential violence Create a Response/Advocate Team (HR, Security, Union Representative - if applicable)
* Provide direction: define roles and responsibilities
* Provide training to members of the team
* Identifying alert signals
* Recommending actions to take
* Identify internal and external resources for the response team domestic violence awareness seminars
* Subjects to include symptoms of potential violence we face every day in organizations
* Guest speakers to discuss local shelters and other available services
* Provide handouts that include places to go for advice and guidance. (In restrooms, cafeterias, etc)

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Educate companies on the impacts of trauma on the workplace. What it means to the bottom line, and how to reduce costs.


Empower by offering real solutions that establish a more productive work space. Encourages victims to reach out.


Engage all leadership, management, security, and staff to create a proactive approach.