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Almost everyone is facing hardships and difficulties in this corona pandemic but women are suffering the most. Why so? The women who are stuck at home are facing domestic violence. There is a loss of mental wellbeing in this time and high levels of domestic violence are noticed against children and women. When the government and health institutions are focused on finding a way out to get out of the corona trap, the people who are sitting at home are also suffering due to several reasons.

Whether it is a health problem or an economic problem, it is co-related to each other. What are the realities of domestic violence in America? Is it prevalent in big cities or small villages? You will be shocked to hear that domestic violence is higher in cities. Women have become voiceless victims at this time due to their abusive husbands or partners. Domestic violence is faced by both genders but women face it at a way higher percentage. The domestic violence is hiked up to three times in this tough time. In the US, it is increased by 35% and it is shocking.

According to the UN, it is reported that almost every third woman in developing countries is facing violence at home. Even in developed countries, the situation isn’t so great. When women are locked up with their partners at home, they are prone to face domestic abuse and violence prominently. The countries with underemployment problems had always suffered domestic violence issues but the rise of domestic violence in the US is shocking. Due to financial problems and the prevention of going outdoors, people have to spend all of their time at home. This has made everyone get frustrated and irritated. Men are prone to face ego and anger problems in closed areas and that’s why domestic violence has increased. The government must see the results of domestic violence. It is crucial to take important steps to eradicate these problems from society. The violence against women also brings a toll on the national economy and the same has happened with the US.

Domestic violence and economy relations

Most of the people get confused when they hear that there is a relation between a country’s economy and domestic violence. Both of these things indeed seem opposite but they are related to each other in some way. The partner who does domestic violence creates an economic burden on private businesses, public sectors, and households along with society. The direct cost of doing violence against ladies can land you in jail but it also negatively affects the economy. There is lesser participation of women in workplaces, education, and productive areas. Due to domestic violence, women take leave from their offices and this takes a toll on the economy.

If you think that there is no domestic violence in our society, then you might not have noticed your surroundings properly. The people who seem innocent to you might be the abusers. So, you can’t trust your eyes more than facts because you can’t see what’s going in the lives of other couples. Domestic violence has a great impact on future opportunities for children and their education. According to some researches, it has been proved that domestic violence reduces a country’s GDP and it also brings economic burden on public and health services. Is the government taking any decisions to improve the situation of women in this regard? Who can bring immediate changes?  There can be no one other than women who can stand against the abusers. There can be different types of violence forms but you need to fight them all. How can you do it? Here are some tips to prevent yourself from facing domestic violence problems:

  • Make your partner clear about your thoughts

First of all, you should confront your partner about your feelings and thoughts about violence or abuse. Even if it’s verbal abuse, you need to tell your partner, and then you won’t compromise with it. No one knows when verbal abuse can turn into physical violence. So, you must ensure that your relationship with your husband or partner is healthy. If you see any sign of toxicity, you should try to engage in a calm conversation with the other person. Sometimes, matters can be resolved with a good conversation but sometimes, you need to take severe actions.

  • Share your feelings with your close friend or family member

If you have talked to your husband about abuse and he hasn’t stopped doing that, then you should talk to your family member or close friend. It is necessary that you talk to your partner at first because you should let him know that he is doing wrong. Once, you are done with it, then you can tell your friend all about the situation. Your friend might be able to suggest some ways to get out of this problem. Your mutual friend might help you to get a solution to such issues.

  • Take legal help

If you think that it is necessary to take legal help, then you can do that without thinking much. Domestic violence isn’t a prize but it is a curse and you should treat it like the same way. You can hire a good advocate who can guide you properly about this case. No one likes to get into legal stuff but when you are tired of violence, you should take the help of someone. There are also chances that you might have to leave your partner but that’s okay. In order to live a peaceful life, you might need to make a few compromises. Besides, everything is better than living with a violent and abusive person.

  • Don’t let your kids suffer

When you have kids, then they can also have an impact on violence on their minds. The kids who live in violent homes are more likely to be stressed, depressed, and violent. The mood swings of your child will be random and you won’t be able to know what’s going on in their head. If you don’t want your children to suffer, then it is necessary that you don’t let them stay in a violent home. If your partner is violent with kids, then you need to part your ways with him. Your kids don’t deserve an abusive parent.

So, these are a few ideas which can help you to prevent yourself from getting more stressed. Domestic violence also causes suicide and other complicated problems in women’s and children’s lives. From now on, you shouldn’t suffer but take a stand. Even if you are alone, you can win any situation. Staying in the hell isn’t a good idea when you can take a step to heaven by showing some courage.

Effects of domestic violence on the economy

Every individual should learn about domestic violence because it is happening in several homes around you. There are high chances that one of your friends might be suffering from this problem. Almost ten million people have to suffer from domestic violence in the United States every year. It is faced by all genders but women have to face domestic violence in huge numbers as compared to men. Domestic violence isn’t only physical abuse but it also involves verbal abuse, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, digital abuse, and financial abuse. So, if you are suffering from any of the abuse at your home, then you need to take a step against it.

Domestic violence affects women severely and some of them are beyond repair. It isn’t easy to live a normal life after spending a long time with a violent partner. Domestic violence can affect the economic stability, career, and education of survivors. Not only women but their kids also have to face the harmful consequences of it. Domestic violence isn’t only individualistic but it impacts the whole society. The costs related to domestic violence include medical services, criminal justice, paid work costs, and a lot more.

Whenever someone thinks of domestic violence, he/she would consider it as physical violence but that’s not always true. Violence isn’t only physical but it can be verbal and mental. Most of the women face physical violence in relations which is most severe. So, medical expenses are one of the reasons due to which Americans end up bankrupt or in debt. Not only expenses incurred due to violence are disturbing but there are many more things.

Domestic violence affecting the economy with different aspects

Domestic violence is already hurting women in several ways but it is also hurting their kids. How is it harmful to the country? When the citizens of the country are in problems, then the country also has to suffer in one way or the other. There are various factors and reasons due to which the country has to suffer due to domestic violence. Mostly, the country has to suffer economically. Here are the places where domestic violence affects the country.

  • Education problems

First of all, the education of the victim is suffered in domestic violence. The wrong behavior of a partner can affect the educational opportunities of the victim. When someone wants to get a high pay job, then that person has to have a good education and the same is with women. If women aren’t able to educate themselves due to domestic violence, they won’t be able to make their careers. This will make them financially dependent on their partners which will bring more abusive behaviors. When domestic violence prevents women from studying, then they are less likely to make a good career. It can be difficult to get out of the violence rut when you can’t get a job.

  • Workplace productivity

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The abuse victims have to face a lot of problems in the workplace due to their mental situations. Almost 83% of people that their partners are responsible for their disrupted work-life balance. Many women also lose jobs due to violence happening at home. The abusers not only hit and abuse women but they also don’t let them earn. The career aspirations of the victim are also destroyed. When the women are dependent on abusive partners, then they aren’t even to get out of that relationship and this brings more abuse. The victim and the family are also hurt by it. The whole society affects when there are domestic violence problems at home. There is a $3.6 trillion loss to the country due to the loss of jobs in companies.

  • Workplace abuse

The situation gets worse when domestic violence is combined with workplace harassment. Around 40% of domestic violence victims also have to suffer violence at their workplace. Sexual harassment is also a common thing in workplaces. In these cases, the survivors have to lose their jobs or they are demoted from their position. The financial risk is automatically increased when women have to leave a job. The career path of women is disturbed and this makes it more difficult for them to get another job.

  • Financial problems

In abusive relationships, finance isn’t discussed much. It is true that some people don’t even recognize financial abuse as some problem. Almost 99% of people have to suffer from financial abuse in their relations. The abusers force the women to give them money whenever they want.

Not only the victim has to give money to the abuser but the financial situation of the survivor is also damaged. There are high chances that the survivor has to face financial issues later.

The credit damage can hurt a lot and it might take a long time for the women to get out of this situation.

  • Worsened reproductive health

When a partner tries to get control of the reproductive health of women, then it is reproductive coercion. They either force women to get pregnant or ask them for abortion. People might feel that it isn’t a big deal but many victims have to face this problem on regular basis and this is taking a toll on their health. Almost 42% of survivors said that their partners either forced them to get pregnant or prevented them from taking birth control. Almost 84% of domestic violence survivors got pregnant and they had to worry about their child then. The whole responsibility of the medical expenses and child care goes on to the shoulders of women only.

Some several organizations and advocates are working to help women get out of domestic violence problems but still, it’s a long way to go. You can honor domestic violence victims by studying more than these things. You can educate yourself and also help others to know that this is a big problem for the individuals as well as the economy.

  • Life of kids

Kids are very important for the future of any country and when they have to live in domestic violent households, they are less likely to develop good skills. There are high chances that the child might end up getting depressed at a young age. The toll on the mental health of a child is dangerous in such situations. Mothers also have to worry about the education of their children. When she is already suffering from financial problems, there are lesser chances that she will be able to pay for her child’s education and health. When the future of the country is also at risk, everyone should try to find out a solution for it. Whenever you see a domestic violence case around you, you should report it.

Sometimes, victims might get scared in this situation and you should help them to gather some courage and focus on living a better life.

So, these are some factors that affect the economy and domestic violence can play a big role in it. If you want to help your country to grow, then it is important that you don’t let this happen. You must try to eradicate domestic abuse in your surroundings. You can also join a club or movement in support of it. If there is no club, then you can start a club where a young woman and man can participate. You might be able to make the life of several people better and this requires minimal efforts. Instead of depending on the government, the citizens should try to help each other, and only then the government will focus on such issues.


The solution to domestic violence isn’t in the hands of a single person but when one person will try to find a solution, many others can join the movement. This shouldn’t only be done to improve the country’s growth but it should be done to enhance the quality of life of individuals. Women are equal to men and they should be treated like that only. If you have any friends or family members who might be suffering from domestic violence, then you should talk to her and help her find the solution for it. If you are suffering from violence, then you can reach out to your close friends who can help you to live a better life.

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